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If you like dominant men who love to take care of their women, then you'll enjoy these free stories. These are samples of longer stories that are all included when you join our website, here. For completed free stories, we have a large selection on our other website, Free Spanking Stories!

Out of Kilter by Barb

Punishing Beth by Barbara

Red Hot Mama by Belle

Make Me! by Brandy Golden

More Than a Man by Carolyn Faulkner

Sensei and the Easter Surprise by Deb

If Only Houses Could Talk by Jamie Phillips

Spanking Primer by Josh

Signals by Kathryn Jay

Seraphina Columbus Meets Her Match by Katrina

Going Home by Katy O'Reilly

Chloe's Conundrum by Kristin York

A Tiger's Eyes by Laura

Silence by Lyndsay

His Sister's Keeper by Mandy Rogers

Holiday Bliss by Maren Smith

Jenna by Megan

Revenge, Inc by Michelle Carlyle

The Sanders Center by Nattie Jones

The Reunion by OTKRomance

Haven by Reesa Roberts

Penny Cottontail by Robin Smith

Tyler's Wildcat by Rose Edwards


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