Hi! My name is Jodi, and I write under the name OTKRomance. I’m a life-long fan of romance and have been "turned on" by spanking for as long as I can remember. My first memories of spanking are paired with romance -- one of the very first romance novels I read had a M/F spanking in it. That did it for me -- I was hooked from that point on!

Like many of our readers, I always thought there was something "wrong" or "weird" about me because of my spanking interest. Then, when I got on the Internet and found so many others out there like me, it was such a relief. It reawakened my love for writing, which was something I had stopped doing because I was always so self-conscious about putting spanking into my work. Now I know there’s a hungry audience out there that wants those spankings there, and loves them!

I’m married and feel lucky to have found a man who enjoys spanking me. From the very beginning he was very open to the whole idea. And since our great discoveries on the Internet, the spanking part of our life has grown and helped to bring us closer together. Spanking is a very intimate, private thing that requires such trust and love between the people involved, and I know that it has brought wonderful memories and times to our relationship.

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The Reunion

Chapter One

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 Stories to Keep You Warm at
by OTKRomance

A delightful collection of M/F stories for romance lovers everywhere. If you enjoy dominant males who won't hesitate to spank a woman, this book is for you! Contains mature sexual themes.



Tails of the Old West by OTKRomance

If you like old west stories, where no-nonsense lawmen know how to stand up to their sassy ladies, then this book is for you! In “The Sheriff and the Hellcat,” Katie’s father, an accused bank robber, goes on the run. Katie must find him before Sheriff Tristan James does – or her Pa could hang!! She’s never been outside her home town, and is forced to follow the Sheriff to where her father is likely hiding.  But when Tristan discovers her tagging along, he’s not pleased… and when she pushes his buttons in her attempts to save her father, he metes out his displeasure on her backside! In “Courting Maggie,” Maggie loves being courted by the good, kind, patient and handsome Sheriff Daniel Adams. He even tries to be understanding of her protesting against the town saloon where her brother died in a knife fight. But as Maggie tests her bounds in her attempts to shut the place down, she begins to realize that the Sheriff has a hard side as well – and her bottom pays the price for her actions!


 Not Fade Away by OTK Romance

If you believe in the possibility of love overcoming all things, this is a story for you. Meet Jory, who has never quite recovered from losing the love of his life. When he finds her again, he will do anything to win her back… but will he be able to overcome his feelings of betrayal and hurt when the truth comes out about why she left him in the first place? Although this novel is not a spanking romance, it is mainstream romance at its best!



 Promises by OTK Romance

When Seraphina suffers a seizure in the middle of the night, her independent, orderly world is turned upside down. She never imagined that those moments when she is most dependent on others – and one man in particular – would make all the difference in the lonely life she shares with her young son. Enjoy this romantic story of a young woman learning to love and trust again. Non-spanking romance.